Qhubo mi gente! I'm very pleased to be part of this sexy little webpage and would be honored to tell you a bit about myself.
Some of my interests include going snowboarding, playing basketball, tennis and soccer, travelling and having spontaneous adventures.
I love music, and I even enjoy taking the Transmilenio because I have more time to listen to my jams. These jams include a crazy assortment of genres, but if I had to pick a few, then I'd go with Hip Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton and Salsa.
I'm forever grateful for the people who have joined me on this journey to launch MH and who have demonstrated such a high level of devotion to its success. I couldn't have asked for a better team nor a better place than Colombia to pursue such a dream.


I was born in Boston and grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts.
I am a passionate soccer player and support different teams from different leagues around the world, my favorite being Swansea. I am a sports junkie and a die-hard Boston Celtics and New England Patriots supporter.
I started traveling and teaching English when I was 24. My adventure started in South Korea and eventually lead me here to my new home, Bogota.
Apart from my passions of sports and teaching, I love many different types of music. I would have to say my favorites are hip hop, reggae, old school soul, reggaeton and dancehall. I also love to freestyle rap with my friends (even though I am not that great at it) and dancing.
Lastly, and perhaps most importantly... man, myth, legend, gentleman, scholar and all-round great guy… LOL ;)


I’m Phil from Wales, one of the four countries in the UK (and definitely the best :D ). I am also part Mexican, American, English and Greek through my parents and grandparents.
I love meeting new people and chatting over a beer or two on just about any subject. My friends would tell you that I am a sport-loving geek who probably has at least one interest in common with you. I am open-minded, friendly and adventurous, so don’t hesitate to stop me to chat and echar some chismes.
My interests include: Sport in general (NBA and rugby the most after football) – Go Celtics and Ospreys!, I love food particularly pizza, but i like just about everything apart from changua!
I have an eclectic taste and enjoy being introduced to new sounds. Reggae, rock, rap, reggaeton and funk are my current favourites.
We want to give back to Colombia – this country has already given us so much . That’s why we have made a place to help people learn from each other’s cultures and mother tongues.


Calle 32 # 6B - 43 Piso 3

Bogotá, Colombia